Airbnb, Paris rental agents to register from Oct 2, Figaro says

Paris authorities will make it mandatory for all landlords renting their homes through Airbnb Inc and other online platforms to register before offering lodging, as the city seeks to increase control and crack down on those who unlawfully rent, Le Figaro reported. 

The measure is meant to curb a housing shortage in the city, the newspaper said, citing the mayor’s housing adviser. Owners will need a registration number to make their homes available to tourists, the newspaper said. The mayor’s office will open the registration website on Oct 2 and owners will have two months to comply, Le Figaro reported. 

Paris imposed a tourist tax in May and increased rental controls that led judges to fine more unlawful landlords. City rules limit homeowners to rentals of 120 days or less a year, and the city is cracking down on owners with multiple properties listing on rental platforms. — Bloomberg