Brilliant Galaxy Note 8 features to manage your busy life

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Good news Android fans, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally here, with a starting price of RM2,429 if you get it with U Mobile.

While we love the prospect of a shiny new gadget, we also like to be wooed by performance. A good smartphone should have the right balance of aesthetics and functionality to add value to our hectic lives.

So how do the features of the new Galaxy Note 8 complement the work-life balance of the bustling career person?

Here are five amazing features that we think will do the job.

Infinity Display

One of the highlights of the Galaxy Note 8 is the state-of-the-art Super AMOLED display that envelopes the front and curves all the way to the sides. In fact, research firm DisplayMate claims that the Galaxy Note 8 has the best smartphone display screen yet and gave it an A+ rating.

The 6.3in screen is called the Infinity Display and it’s 20% larger than the Galaxy S8’s and 14% bigger than the previous Galaxy Note’s display.

With such a large screen, you’ll never have to wait to reach home before catching up on your favourite series and Korean dramas again.

Dual Messenger

The new Galaxy Note 8 lets you have more than one messaging account. This feature is found under the Dual Messenger setting – in essence it clones the app so you can sign into two different accounts and it even works with Facebook.

This feature can come in particularly handy for those who have multiple accounts to separate their business account from their personal one.

Dual Camera

Instead of just one rear-facing camera, the Galaxy Note 8 now features two 12-megapixel cameras with two different focal length lenses, which lets you pick between taking a wide-angle shot or an optically zoomed in shot.

The dual-camera setup also makes way for the new Live Focus feature, which lets the user take images with a DSLR-like blurred background. The magnitude of the blur can also be adjusted according to the user’s liking.

So if you’re dedicated to curating an Instagram feed with dazzling visuals, the Note 8 will rise excellently to the occasion.

Screen Off Memo

Just like the other Note models, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with the iconic S Pen which allows you doodle but the stylus isn’t just for artistic expression.

The Screen Off Memo feature allows you to start taking notes without having to unlock the smartphone. Just eject the stylus and you can start writing on the screen immediately.

You can even pin the note to the lock screen so you have instant access to it, and it’s just perfect for creating a shopping list or jotting down a great idea.

Also packaged with the new improved S pen is additional Air Command options such as Translate, Magnify, as well as Smart Select which lets you easily choose sections of video to transform into GIFs.

App Pairing

App Pairing is a handy feature for multi-taskers. It allows you to pair apps so that you can launch both apps with just one shortcut.

Launching the shortcut will open two apps simultaneously, each occupying half of the screen so you can work with both apps at the same time. Love indulging in some of your favorite YouTube videos while working on your assignment? You can stream all the videos you want with VideoOnz with countless content to keep you entertained while working simultaneously on Word opened side by side which make life so much easier.

All in all, the Galaxy Note 8 is a solid companion for the busy working person as it will allow them to get more things done at work and in their personal lives. Unlike most other smartphones, which only support fast charging for wired connection, the Note 8 also supports fast charging for wireless. So, whichever method you choose, you know that your smartphone will be ready for you when you are.

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