Decision made by Trump put the Government in Tension

Donald trump the new elected president of America, is in search of a new way to take on American business directly. He is going to reveal the new agenda to push the economic agenda of that country. Donald Trump has built his name and brand in business. Now he is showing the repeated interest in diving into precise brawls with particular companies those could see a chirp swing on its stock market price.

The previous president Barak Obama had a light touch with the business sector. He just tackled the business as policy in overarching tones. Now Trump is very experienced in the business sector as because he is a businessman. So after the highest profile exchange the heating and cooling manufacture carrier that was in previous year declared the plan to stop an Indiana Plant in Mexico but Trump spoke about it for weeks to convince them to keep the company as a combination of state tax encouragement and presidential arm twisting. After this decision had been taken he declared his victory by holding a rally at the Carrier plant that started the excitement.

The airplane manufacturer Boeing was building a new airplane for the future president. The cost was really very high near about $4 billion. After knowing this Trump openly attacked Boeing Company and wanted to cancel the contract. He openly declared that he does not have any problem that Boeing is making a lot of money but not that such money. That was the interesting one. Boeing also defended itself. They saw the stock after Trump released the statement and in trumps tweet they released a new message by saying that the contract was only $170 million not $4 billion.

On the same day Trump chastised Boeing he appeared as the alongside head of Japan’s Softbank group, a telecommunication company that announces a plan to invest $50 billion in the U.S. this all decision  put the government in an uncomfortable situation. Before that the republican used to get the private sector nearly free rein and they had the right to criticized Democrats for picking winners and losers in business.