Dyson opens new flagship store in KL

BRITISH engineering company Dyson opened Malaysia’s first concept store in The Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Called Dyson Demo, the space is also the biggest in South-East Asia.

“We want our visitors to have the chance to be hands-on with our products. They can pick up, test and experience Dyson’s technology,” said Dyson South-East Asia general manager Martyn Davies.

“Our technology is best understood when experienced and explained in a Dyson environment.”

The minimalistic store features three main Dyson products – cord-free vacuums, purifying fans and hairdryers. Davies adds that Dyson is looking to bring four new technologies by 2020.

“We have a development centre in Johor Baru, so there is a high chance that Malaysian engineers worked on the technology behind these products and our upcoming ones,” he added.

The latest Dyson V8 cord-free vacuums spins at up to 110,000rpm and weighs 2.6kg. They are priced between RM2,999 and RM3,299.

“Visitors to Dyson Demo can try the vacuums on three different floor surfaces. They can speak to our experts and learn about the technology that suits their home best,” said Dyson Electronics head Jim Roovers.

He added: “This space is designed for our clients to pick up the machines, pull them apart and test them on our test track with various dust samples.”

Dyson’s Pure Cool Link purifying fans can reportedly remove 99.5% of allergens and pollutants from air. The purifying fans are connected to the Dyson Link App that allows users to remotely track the air quality at all times. The Pure Cool Link air purifiers are priced between RM2,199 and RM2,999.

The Supersonic hairdryer is the result of a £50mil (RM282mil) investment in the science of hair. Dyson engineers studied hair from root to tip, understanding how it reacts to stresses, how to keep it looking healthy and how to style it.

“Dyson’s products are designed to solve problems. The traditional hairdryers can get too hot and can damage hair, but the Supersonic is designed to maintain the temperature,” explained Davies.

A glass bead thermistor in the Supersonic measures the exit temperature 20 times every second. The data is transmitted to a microprocessor, when sends calculated instructions to the heating element.

“The temperature is kept under control to prevent extreme heat damage and protect the hair’s natural shine,” added Davies.

The Dyson Supersonic is priced at RM1,799.

Clients can book their complimentary in-store hair styling appointments at