Eleven trailers from the 2017 Tokyo Game Show

A longer look at Shadow Of The Colossus on PS4, a Ghibli-style adventure in Ni No Kuni II, a fistful of Final Fantasy trailers and more from TGS 2017, which ran Sept 21-24.

Shadow of the Colossus
A PlayStation 2 classic overhauled for the PlayStation 4, bringing new levels of clarity and a greater richness of detail to the iconic tale. Due 2018.

Monster Hunter: World
The latest entry to this franchise seeks to widen its appeal and adopts a go-anywhere open-world sensibility; adventurers can track and engage with fantastical beasts solo or with friends in the January 2018 PS4 and Xbox One release (later on PC.)

Fire Emblem Warriors
A Sept 28 release in Japan, going international on Oct 20, this Nintendo Switch and New 3DS title brings the one-versus-many action of historical battlefield hero franchise Dynasty Warriors to the otherwise turn-based of the fantasy Fire Emblem series.

Final Fantasy XV
A TGS blowout for Final Fantasy, whose 30th anniversary is in December, with trailers for a Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion Comrades, from Oct 31; PlayStation VR virtual reality fishing spin-off Monster Of The Deep from Nov 21 and an overview trailer for the game’s associated film and cartoon. Then there’s January 2018’s fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and the surprise remastered PS4 release of the year 2000’s Final Fantasy IX.

Left Alive
Staff from the Metal Gear Solid, Xenoblade Chronicles and Front Mission franchises combine to create an apparent action-stealth genre crossover featuring enormous walking robot armour and highly trained elite footsoldiers. Announced for 2018 on PS4 and PC.

Code Vein
Step into a vampiric post-apocalyptic animé future in which a pair of young explorers look for answers. 
In the tradition of Dark Souls there are plenty of evasive somersaults and formidable opponents. Expected 2018 on PS4 and XBO.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Continuing to embrace the Studio Ghibli animated movie style that characterised its predecessor, this trailer for Ni No Kuni II shows off the game’s world, animal and human characters, one-on-one combat, larger-scale battles, and quality of cinematics. January 2018 on PS4.

— AFP Relaxnews