Everything You Need To Know About Dr. John Layke Of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

When you mention Dr. John Layke, many people will identify with him. As professional, he has helped many people to deal with health issues and also saved a lot of life in the process. For those who know him, he is the co-founder of Beverly Hill Plastic Surgery Group and Beverly Hill MD Cosmeceutical, which he with his friend Dr. Payman Danielpour. Both are surgeons and both boasts of vast experience in the medical field. The companies came up with a range of skincare product.

Why Choose Dr. John Layke

Dr. Layke has skills of high standard based on his experience and the medical cases. Since he settled in Beverly Hills 2009, he has seen tremendous health growth as many come to him for advice and treatment. His expertise has also earned numerous television programs such as Home & Family TV and Extra to give his insight. His reputation has grown immensely since his practice started. He has also served as a consultant for STAR Magazine, 944 magazine and much more. Dr. Layke is also a member of many surgical advisory boards.What Can Dr. John Layke Do for You

Dr. Layke has studied medicine, general surgery and reconstructive for many years. He graduated and got interested in surgery whereby he strained as general surgery. He provides a wide range of procedures under the careful craft and capability of both himself and partner Dr. Danielpour.

These are few surgeries they both provide:

  • Single incision mommy makeover (SIMM). This is combination surgeries which make the tummy thinner or more firm by removing some fats or skin and also use of fat to increase the size of the breast.
    • Breast Augmentation. It’s among the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed. Its aim is to give women fuller, firm and proper-proportioned breast. The procedure will take around one to two hours and it also shorter in recovering time.
    • Liposuction. This is a procedure whereby excess fatty tissues are removed in some body parts. The excess fat can be caused by diet or be hereditary, and exercises can’t move it.
    • Face lift. This is a device that works to muscles and tissue by lifted them vertically in a tender manner to reposition in a more youthful position. This gives a natural look, and it’s a quicker procedure and also shorter in healing time.
    • Rhinoplasty. This is a surgical procedure which helps in shaping the nose and also improving the functioning of the nasal passages. Dr. like been an expert in rhinoplasty gives a unique procedure to each person giving them what they each desires.
    • Body Tite. This is conducted to the patients who want to do away with unwanted fat and do no need surgery. This is the use of Radio-frequency lipolysis which gives rapid heat to the fatty tissue. It reduces fat quickly.
    • Arm lift. This is a procedure of tightening sagging skin on the upper arm. This mainly occurs due to aging or from losing a considerable amount of weight.
    • Brow lift. This is a procedure conducted by people who have a noticeable crease on their forehead, or across their nose. This helps by minimizing the lines and also improving frown lines.
    • Ear surgery. This is a procedure given to those with disfigured ears. This makes the ear more corresponding and creates a natural shape to both ears and face. The procedure is suggested to both adult and children.The Beverly Hills Cosmeceuticals Line Beverly Hill MD ski products are some of the best that you can find in the market. Their products formulated with the safe ingredient, gentle, avoiding any reactions as an allergen or irritant to the patient. Here are some of the key ingredients that are used in formulating their products:

The key ingredients are:

  • Swiss Alpines Rose Stem Cells: This gives a newly energetic and a glowing look, making skin look and feel younger.
  • Septonic M3: This helps skin recharge giving it a more youthful look.
  • HydraFlower complex: this contains ingredients working together resulting in a smooth skin and a great look.

Here are other revolutionary products that you will find in the Dr. Layke’s line:

  • Dark Spot Collector- This is designed to reduce discoloration such as acne scars among others. It also gives a more youthful look.
  • Lift+Firm Sculpting Cream- it’s an anti-ageing product
  • Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment
  • Dark Circle Corrector- reduces discoloration under the eye
  • Line Smoothing Serum- a powerful anti-aging agent
  • Lash Enhancing Serum- for thickening and lengthening eyelashes

Beverly Hills MD line has some of the best and safe products that you can find in the market. They are formulated with safe ingredients for human skin. If the product does not work for you, return it within 60 days of purchase for full refund. The company also donates their income from sales Smile Train, to impact on the life of children.