Fan proposes to actor after watching him play a convert

PETALING JAYA: Actor Alvin Chong revealed that a fan asked for his hand in marriage after watching him act as a Muslim convert.

Chong, 26, said the fan expressed her feelings after watching him play Hilman Yong Abdullah in the drama Awak Suka Saya Tak on Astro Ria.

“A fan sent me a private message via social media expressing her wish to make me her husband.

“She asked me to marry her, saying that she was attracted to my character in the drama because she really thought that I was like him.

“However, I didn’t take it seriously and regarded it as her way of joking with me,” he told mStar Online.

Chong’s character was the love interest of Intan Zulaikha, played by Emma Maem­bong.

Although he was criticised for playing a Muslim convert, Chong said he did not feel any pressure.

He added, however, that he was hurt that some critics had questioned his role and assumed that he was making fun of Islam.

“I had to say several sacred words in the drama. I want to stress that it was only done in the name of acting.

“I know what I did and I’m confident that the viewers could judge for themselves.

“If anyone is dissatisfied, there’s no need to comment harshly on social media. Come and tell me about it,” he added.

Chong can currently be seen on the reality show The House with fellow actor Fattah Amin.

He is also slated to start filming a Mandarin movie in collaboration with a Hong Kong production company.