Fluffy and creamy durian pizzas

HALAL-CERTIFIED US Pizza has introduced the first durian pizzas in Penang.

Sink your teeth into the Musang King and D24 Sultan King pizzas at its two outlets in Green Lane (beside Gembira Parade) and Summerton (near Queensbay Mall).

With their generous smooth durian puree and cheese topping resting on fluffy crust, the pizzas will be a hit with durian lovers.

As every pizza is made to order, be prepared to be hit by the strong aroma of the durian cooking in the oven. Tastebuds will be primed for that first bite.

The Musang King evokes a unique bittersweet and savoury (from the cheese) taste with a sticky, creamy texture while the D24 is thick and creamy with a sweet taste.

For patrons who prefer to stick to the tried and tested, there is a host of other delicious artisanal pizzas.

Traditional creations include Bolognese (meat sauce with chicken), Chicken Classic (chicken, mushroom and double cheese), Spicy Chicken Delite (green pepper, onion, mushroom, chicken pineapple and cayenne pepper), US Favourite (chicken or beef pepperoni) and Spicy Vegan (with tomyam paste).

The innovative Fish & Chip pizza (Catherine Chong - US Pizza)// 04 OCT 2017

The innovative Fish ‘N’ Chip variety.

Signature interpretations include Ocean Delite (shrimp, crabmeat stick, onion, green pepper, mayonnaise and herbs), New Yorker (chicken or beef pepperoni, mushroom, chicken roll and ground beef), Tom Yum Chicken Delite (tomyam chicken, mushroom, tomato, pineapple and onion) and Penang Special (green pepper, onion, tuna, spicy ikan bilis and cayenne pepper).

Alternatively, the Chef’s Best comprises Indiana BBQ Smokey Duck (onion, pineapple, smoked duck marinated with BBQ sauce), San Diego Golden Tempura (Italiano sauce, onion, green pepper, crab stick and tempura prawn), and Fish ‘N’ Chip (US golden fish fingers, tartar sauce, cherry tomato and onion).

Customers also have the option of creating their own pizzas!

Exclusive to US Pizza are Duncan Sauce (whole-ripened tomato formulated sauce), Hickory BBQ Sauce (thick hickory smoke BBQ sauce mixed with Duncan Sauce) and US Tartar Sauce (mixture of mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, onion and lemon).

There are also the Creamy Italiano Sauce (chef’s special mixed Italian herbs and paste), signature Tomyam Sauce (tomyam paste with herbs and spices) and Teriyaki Sauce (authentic teriyaki sauce made from soy sauce and house-mixed recipe).

Besides the original hand-tossed crust, there are also thin and crunchy as well as garlic cheese crusts.

The pizzas are best complemented with starters such as cinnamon twisty bread, mushroom soup, Italian grilled chicken salad, New York Wings as well as a selection of pastas.

Current promotions are the US Double Deal of two personal pizzas at RM15, two regular pizzas at RM35, two large pizzas at RM55 and two New York Wings at RM22.

Then there is the 50% Weekday Deal featuring a 6” personal pizza at only RM6.50.

Online orders ( and free delivery service (within Penang island) are available. Opening hours are from 10.30am to 10pm for both outlets.

For more information, call 1-300-22-3838, 04-6552828 (Green Lane) or 04-6097049 (Summerton).