Garmin's latest tech aimed at those serious about tracking fitness

Garmin has announced three new sports watches and a powerful bike computer that represent the top tier in exercise tech – with a corresponding price tag – to those looking to track their fitness. 

The Edge 1030 bike computer attaches to the handlebars and offers detailed maps and user-created routes from the Garmin Connect platform. Costing US$600 (RM2,535), the device collects a range of performance data and displays it on a 3.5in LCD screen.

Other functions include live location tracking, accident detection and cyclist-to-cyclist messaging. Cyclists can also connect their heart rate chest belt or cadence speed monitor to the device.

The three new sports watches include the vivomove HR, which collects the wearer’s heart rate, stress level and other fitness data. The OLED display of the analogue clock face can also show notifications.

The sports version of the watch costs around US$200 (RM845), while the premium version goes for around US$300 (RM1,270) .

The vivosport is a classic fitness tracker with sport programs and a running app. The latest version also features an integrated GPS.

Garmin’s vivoactive 3 is a smartwatch with a focus on sports activities. With a colour display, GPS, a heart rate monitor and pre-installed sports apps, the watch costs US$300 (RM1,270) to US$330 (RM1,395).

Garmin promises the battery will last eight days, or 13 hours with the GPS activated. An NFC chip facilitates contactless payments. — dpa