Google Earth VR users can now fly street level with new update

Google has released a new update that allows users to explore Street View imagery from 85 countries within Earth VR.  

Google Earth VR was developed to instantly teleport users to the canals of Venice, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and the streets of Tokyo.  

The new version of Earth VR now includes imagery captured from Street View. To explore, users can fly closer to street level, and enter an immersive 360-degree photo.  

Google recommends visiting Croatia and the AT&T Park in San Francisco as fun places to start.  

Google Earth VR can be used with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, or with Google Cardboard and the Street View app.  

In other Google Maps news, another update was made that now allows users in the Local Guides program to shoot 10-second videos straight from the app, reported TechCrunch.  

Until now, users could only upload still images.  

Though minor, the update will allow users to offer panoramic clips of a restaurant, for instance, or capture the moment the waiter pours a cascade of melting cheese on boiled potatoes. — AFP Relaxnews