Hair is another good deed

I NEVER knew you could donate your hair until I read about the girl who sent in her 35cm ponytail to Locks of Hope in The Good News Page last week.

This is my 53cm ponytail that I want to donate to be made into a wig for a cancer patient. To the girl or woman who receives it, I send with it my love, prayers and hopes for your recovery.

I am a Filipina caregiver who has lived in Malaysia for four years and nearly everything I earn I send back to support my family in Angeles, the Philippines. I will sacrifice a lot because I want a good life for my seven-year-old son Raymar but I want to do charity too. I am so happy to donate my hair because this gives me the chance to do a good deed.

Here’s more good news: I told a neighbour’s domestic helper, Fatima, about the hair donation and she wants to do it too. She’s coming over to the house to let me cut her hair next Sunday.

Maribel David