Islamic Affairs office: Fattah and Fazura haven’t come to us

PETALING JAYA: The Petaling District Islamic Affairs office says it has not received any information on the marriage solemnization of celebrities Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura.

A spokesman said the couple had not gone to the office to settle matters concerning their marriage solemnization that allegedly took place on Tuesday night.

“Usually couples do not get married overnight.

“They would have to apply first before it is solemnized by an Islamic affairs officer,” said the spokesman.

The spokesman said a registrar from a mosque could solemnize a marriage.

“However, such a method is done quietly, especially when it involves khalwat or close proximity cases.

“If Fattah and Fazura are indeed married, they have to come here to register (if the marriage solemnization took place in Petaling district),” he said.

Fattah and Fazura caused a stir when they were said to have wedded in a ceremony attended only by family members and close acquaintances.

According to media reports, a ceremony took place at Fazura’s grandmother’s house here, although it was not revealed whether it was a marriage solemnization, engagement or thanksgiving for their pilgrimage.

Fattah and Fazura left for the pilgrimage to Mecca with their family members Wednesday morning.

The couple said they would hold a press conference on Nov 23, upon their return.