Maxis unveils all-in-one family plan with unlimited data

KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis has announced the MaxisOne Prime, a family plan that offers unlimited data for both mobile and home broadband.  

“Malaysians love the Internet and want Internet access wherever they are. With that comes the need for a simpler way to manage all their data needs, whether on fibre or mobile,” said Maxis head of postpaid Arjun Varma. 

The new plan, which costs RM367 a month, comes with one mobile line and home broadband with speed of up to 30MBps. 

Users can opt for up to four additional mobile lines at RM48 each and upgrade the home broadband speed to 50Mbps for RM40 or 100Mbps for RM120. 

“MaxisOne Prime makes it easier for families to enjoy their digital lifestyle with zero worries, across mobile, home and every device in between.”  

Maxis promises zero downtime with the new plan. For instance, if the home broadband connection is disrupted, the router will automatically switch to the telco’s 4G network, as it has a built-in SIM card so users can continue surfing the Internet.  

Unlike the telco’s existing home fibre and mobile plans, there will be no data cap or throttling, claimed Arjun.

However, if your combined mobile data usage exceeds 300GB, Maxis will limit the quality of video streaming to standard definition but only during peak hours.

To cater to users’ home entertainment needs, Maxis has also expanded its Zerolution device ownership plan to include devices such as 4K TVs, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and soundbar. 

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