Miffed Malaysians lodged over 3,500 complaints against telcos, this year

The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has received 3,518 complaints for this year alone.

Billing and charging records the highest number of complaints lodged by consumers with 1,299 reports while network coverage comes in second with 990 complaints.

A total of 578 consumers complained about the quality of services, and 189 people have issues with unfair practices.

There also were 175 complaints for misleading promotions.
Last year, CFM received  a total of 7,556 complaints from consumers – a 3.14% increase from the 7,326 complaints received in 2015.

There were 2,914 complaints for billing and charging, 2,506 reports for quality of service, and 404 complaints on no coverage.

“CFM managed to solve 77% of complaints received in 2016 within 15 business days,” said CFM chairman Megat Ishak Maamunor Rashid in a statement.

Megat added that the growing number of complaints indicates consumer awareness on the importance of lodging a formal complaint rather than making comments on social media.

CFM is also responsible for the development and implementation of General Consumer Code of Practice for the communications and Multimedia Industry in Malaysia (GCC) where it promotes best practices for service providers and to protect consumers.