Online tool makes it easy to resize images for each social media site

Social media images come in many shapes and sizes – from small, square profile pictures to long, rectangular cover photos. 

Figuring out the correct format and dimension for each type of photo is tedious. However, the browser tool Landscape is here to help.

Developed by Sprout Social, a service for monitoring and managing social networks, Landscape is available to users free of charge.

The process is simple. Drag a photo into the browser window and then choose the relevant social media network and its respective location (eg, profile photo). Move the image around with your mouse to get the right focus, or scale it to size by zooming in or out, and then crop.

Download the customised image and, voila, you have the perfect fit.

People who actively use a variety of social media platforms will be happy to find that Landscape also offers the option to automatically centre and crop the image for each of the sites.

Just click on the blue text “Have Landscape auto-crop instead” at the bottom of the page right after uploading the image.

You can then download a zip file with about 30 different versions of the image, with the relevant network and position description included in the specifications. — dpa