PlayStation Australia offers physical trophies for game completionists

The Sept 26 launch of soccer simulation FIFA 18 spearheads an Australian PlayStation campaign to award a limited number of players with physical trophies for their efforts. 

A new plan to reward some of the most committed video game players with mantlepiece trophies is being debuted this September by PlayStation in Australia.

Taking its cue from platform rival Xbox, which introduced an in-game milestoning system called Achievements in 2005, PlayStation’s Trophies encourage players to clear games as fully as possible.

Digital mementos of virtual progress, these Trophies serve as a record of player dedication and skill.

PlayStation’s system allows game developers to allocate trophies to four pre-defined tiers.

Bronze, silver, and gold indicate the difficulty of completing the required task, while a game’s platinum trophy unlocks when every other trophy had been obtained.

Actualising those platinum souvenirs is part of a new competition called PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters.

Four bespoke Platinum Trophies have been created for PlayStation Australia, which is using the replicas to urge a communal focus on four upcoming titles.

Following the retail debut of FIFA 18, competition entrants have six months to obtain the game’s platinum trophy on PlayStaton 4 and then share a screenshot of it to either Facebook or Twitter, posting it with a #PlusPlatinumHunters hashtag and looping PlayStation Australia’s relevant social network account in on the action; the first to do so wins a replica PlayStation Trophy.

The competition series continues with the release of driving game Gran Turismo Sport on Oct 18, and then world war action game Call of Duty: WWII on Nov 3.

A fourth competition title has not yet been named.

PlayStation’s Trophy system celebrates its 10th anniversary on July 2, 2018. — AFP Relaxnews