Selection of low-radiation mobile phones is increasing

Consumers seeking low-radiation mobile phones have more and more choices, a list from Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection shows. 

Some 170 new models were recently added to the list. Including the old models in the database, the percentage of low-radiation mobile phones on the market is at 40%. Considering just the 170 new models sees that figure rise to 55%.

Low-radiation mobile phones are classified as those which don’t exceed a maximum SAR value of 0.6 watts per kg when operated next to the head.

SAR is the specific absorption rate and is a measure of the high-frequency energy absorbed by the body tissue when using mobile phones.

In order to rule out health effects in high-frequency fields, the SAR value should not be more than 2 watts per kg.

In total, the agency’s list has nearly 3,000 mobile phones, smartphones and tablets from more than 70 manufacturers. — dpa