‘Sky’ social adventure coming from acclaimed ‘Journey’ studio

The multi-award winning studio behind PlayStation hits Flow, Flower and Journey revealed its latest work, social adventure game Sky, during Apple’s iPhone X presentation. 

A first video reveal for ThatGameCompany’s Sky presents it as an adventure game about leaping into the great unknown with a group of fellow players. 

It’s a game made to be shared – specifically, with loved ones and family. 

The studio’ s previous release, Journey, arrived on PlayStation 3 in 2012 with a PlayStation 4 release in 2015. 

As Journey progressed, anonymous players could come into contact with each other, and the game let them nudge each other in the right direction on their way towards a final destination. 

For many of its players, especially those introduced to console gaming through it, Journey was “the first [console] game they finished,” but with regards to its anonymous multiplayer, ThatGameCompany was frequently asked for a way that players could experience the game with people they already knew. 


And so with Sky, a game talking place on and between islands above the clouds, studio President and Creative Director Jenova Chen set out to “make a game that gamers can enjoy but is so easy and accessible” for everyone. 

“We are all connected,” he said during a promotional interview made to coincide with the reveal. 

“I think true happiness comes for the person who genuinely wants to help others… Giving is a common element” to the game, he explained. 

Whereas Flower and Journey are PlayStation console games, Sky will be the studio’s first to land on mobile. 

In fact, like the reveal of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run at 2016’s Apple presentation, Sky will launch first on iOS before appearing elsewhere. 


As the studio’s first title in five years, “the game took us a very long time to figure out,” Chen said. 

“Tackling multiplayer dynamics at an emotional level is very unintuitive” in comparison to a merely mathematical approach, he explained. 

“If you can imagine the delight of visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made, we envision Sky will sometimes feel like that,” the studio announced. 

ThatGameCompany is working towards a Winter 2018 release for Sky. — AFP Relaxnews