Snapchat reveals augmented reality art platform featuring the work of Jeff Koons

After pursuing Pokemon, the hunt is now on for artworks with Snapchat’s new augmented reality platform. Jeff Koons is the first artist to get onboard the new platform, accessible exclusively via the popular mobile app. 

Jeff Koons is an American artist known for his artworks reproducing everyday objects, often turning them into monumental sculptures with shiny, colorful finishes. Several of his iconic artworks can now be discovered in augmented-reality format in real-life locations around the world via the Snapchat application. Parisians, for example, can check out the artist’s famous “Rabbit” – a stainless steel inflatable bunny (1986) – which is pinned to the Champ-de-Mars just in front of the Eiffel Tower.

His works can currently be admired via the app in France (Paris), the UK (London), Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and the USA (Chicago, New York, Venice, Washington). Maps are also available on the website:

Jeff Koons is the first in what Snapchat hopes will be a long line of names bringing their work to its augmented reality art platform. Interested artists can, in fact, make direct contact with Snap – the app’s publisher – via an online form. All in all, it offers an original and modern way for young people – Snapchat’s main users – to discover works of art. — AFP Relaxnews