Solve riddles in London or manage racing teams all in your pocket

From solving mysteries in London with Professor Layton to managing racecar teams, there’s no limit to the video game worlds you can be transported to on your smartphone. 

Layton’s mystery journey

Professor Layton is known to Nintendo fans as the riddle king. In six adventures on the DS and the 3DS, he solved charmingly solved crimes and brought criminals to justice. Four years after his last case, he’s back – and on the smartphone as well.

Nintendo released Layton’s Mystery Journey for iOS and Android first  the 3DS version will come in October. The game revolves around Layton’s daughter, Katrielle, because Layton has disappeared.

Katrielle searches for clues in London, and encounters not only hundreds of puzzles but also a large conspiracy. The whimsical figures she meets add to the charm and humour of the game.

At US$16 (RM67), it’s unusually expensive for a smartphone game, but for that you get a fully-fledged 3DS game that lasts for many hours.

The Franz Kafka videogame

For many, the name Franz Kafka will mean head-scratchingly complex stories. Now, the works of the famous writer have inspired a smartphone game. “The Franz Kafka Videogame” from Daedalic Entertainment sees protagonist K receive a mysterious job offer he must travel to take up.

The game won’t appeal to those who like straight stories, but for players who enjoy surprises, this game offers entertaining riddles in beautiful packaging. Kafka fans will recognise many familiar characters and situations.

The game costs US$3  (RM12.65) on iTunes. An Android version is on the way.

Galaxy of pen & paper

When die-hard nerds play a game, it looks like Galaxy of Pen & Paper from Behold Studios. As the name suggests, it’s based on classic role-playing games played with dice and writing blocks.

It’s 1999, and some teenagers are playing just such a game. The story becomes reality and they find themselves flying around the universe, engaging in round-based battles with opponents that look like those from Star TrekStar Wars and other sci-fi films.

In essence, the game conforms to the stereotypes of the genre, with the graphics and music adding to the retro feeling.

The game is available for Android and iOS for US$5 (RM21.15).

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

Racing fans can fulfil their dreams of running a racecar team with Motorsport Manager Mobile 2. As a manager, the player builds a team, chooses drivers, improves the car and competes in races around the world. Managers have to constantly adapt as teams rise and fall, drivers leave and new talents emerge.

The game is well-structured, and the cars look like those in Formula One. However, there’s no official licensing, so the drivers and cars are fictitious.

The game from Playsport Games is available for Android and iOS for US$4 (RM16.90). — dpa