Teacher ecstatic over designer bag win

PETALING JAYA:To say that Sri Latha Demado was excited when she found out she’d won the Tory Burch Juliette Mini Top-Handle Satchel in The Star’s Bag That Bag contest is an understatement. She was ecstatic.

“I started shaking. I joined the contest every week and after three weeks of not winning, I put the thought of winning out of my mind. So when I read the email letting me know I’d won … I really couldn’t believe it! I’ve never won anything in my life,” said the thrilled primary school teacher from Kajang, Selangor.

“An avid reader of The Star, I have to read the paper with my cup of coffee every morning,” said Sri Latha, who does not usually join contests.

“I don’t know what made me join this one. Maybe it was meant to be. I like bags, but never in my life would I buy one as expensive as this. If not for winning this contest, I would not own a designer handbag, so ‘Thank You, The Star,” she said, admiring her brand new Royal Navy blue bag.

Also excited about the win was Sri Latha’s eight-year-old daughter Tejashwini Ganesh Rao who accompanied her mother to collect her prize. Sri Latha’s husband, Ganesh Rao, also took a few hours off work to drive his family to The Star office here.

“Teja told me that she’s happy for me but also a little jealous that I won such a nice bag,” says Sri Latha, 41.

Although she plans on using the bag “only on really special occasions”, Sri Latha has an idea about the first time she’ll carry her satchel.

“Maybe I’ll get my husband to take me out for a nice, special dinner just so that I can use it soon,” says Sri Latha with a laugh.

The Tory Burch satchel, worth RM2,650, was the final prize in The Star’s Bag The Bag contest which ran every week in October.