Televisions as works of art? It was only a matter of time

The revolution is here – and it’s pretty safe to say it will be televised. The latest TV designs feature ultra-thin displays and statement designs, making them key components of interior design as well as vehicles for the programmes of your choice.

For example, there’s the Bild 9 from Loewe, which is almost more sculpture than television. The display is just 7mm thick and hangs in a hand-forged steel bracket which comes in a gold or graphite finish.

The integrated soundbar is only visible when the TV is switched on – then the HDR/Dolby Vision display moves up to release the speaker.

The OLED display produces powerful colours – and absolute black when the TV is off.  The 55in diagonal version costs €8,000 (RM40,125) and the 65in version two thousand euros more.

The Beovision Eclipse OLED TV from Bang & Olufsen originated from a collaboration with LG – which currently supplies OLED panels to almost all manufacturers.

The focus on good audio is indicated by the large soundbar, which is covered with coloured material or an aluminium grille and is situated in the lower third of the thin display.

The soundbar has a three-channel system with 450 watts of power. There is also a motorized stand which can be operated by remote control to move the TV around if, for example, you change seats.

The TV can also be fixed on an optional motorised wall bracket. The 55in version costs 9,120 (RM45,475) , the 65in from €12,820 .(RM63,925)

Samsung’s latest TV also aspires to art work status when not in use: The “Frame” concept means you can see your favourite art or photographs on the TV, as in a picture frame.

It also has a motion sensor which turns off the TV when there’s no one in the room and turns it on again when someone enters.

The 43in, 55in and 65in UHD TVs are available from €1,700 (RM8,475)  and the frames, which are available in different wood and metal designs, cost around €200 (RM1,000) each. There is even an easel stand available.

Meanwhile, Philips’ Ambilight system – short for ambient light – creates light effects around the TV that correspond to the content being shown. The idea is to create a pleasant atmosphere and to make things easier on the eyes.

The new 55POS9002 television aims to use Ambilight to emphasise the optical lightness of the thin OLED display. The TV offers UHD resolution as well as HDR support (HDR10/HLG) and costs €2,500 (RM12,465). — dpa