Video game releases for the week of Oct 9, 2017: Shadow Of War, Raid: WWII, The Evil Within 2, Friday The 13th

Among upcoming releases for the week of Oct 9, Middle-earth: Shadow Of War and Raid: World War II contain contrasting approaches to intense multiplayer experiences, while The Evil Within 2 and Friday The 13th both make a lunge for the same date thanks to its superstitious associations. Further ahead, Gran Turismo Sport rounds up a season of racing games and WWE 2K18 adds incremental improvements to the annual wrestling franchise.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC
From Oct 10
Fantasy based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, and the follow-up to its surprise hit 2014 predecessor, in which enemies developed ongoing feuds with the hero character throughout a progressive storyline. Now players can accumulate numerous followers, embark on invasions of other players’ encampments, and use microtransactions to boost their progression.

Raid: World War II
For PS4, XBO
From Oct 10
Endorsed by the publisher behind intense team bank heist outing Payday and its even more popular sequel, this mechanically overlapping debut from a partner studio instead takes place during WWII. Released on PC in September, players there have been asking for improvements to graphics, performance, and replayability.

The Evil Within 2
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC
From Oct 13
Recalling disgraced detective Sebastian Castellanos with the news that his daughter may still be alive, yet remaining in grave danger, he ventures into another survival horror realm fraught with psychological dangers.

Friday The 13th: The Game
For PS4, XBO, WinPC
From Oct 13
A physical retail release for the digital download hit that has up to eight players try to outwit one other cast in the role of Jason Voorhees, vengeful hockey mask-wearing antagonist of the Friday The 13th movie series. In competition with June’s conceptually similar Dead By Daylight.

Gran Turismo Sport
For PS4
From Oct 17
Focusing in on competitive motor racing and offering three modes – qualification and race-based Sports, challenge-based Campaign, and quick access Arcade – it brings 177 vehicles and 19 tracks for the franchise’s PS4 debut, plus a livery editor, photo mode, and digital brand-based histories museum. Follows the release of F1 2017, WRC 7, Project Cars 2 and Forza Motorsport 7 in a busy few months for racing game fans.

WWE 2K18
For PS4, XBO, WinPC, Nintendo Switch
From Oct 17
The WWE’s athletic performances return for another annual bout, this time fronted by SummerSlam 2017 tag team titleholder Seth Rollins. Featuring eight-wrestler matches (six on Switch) a new carrying system, and adjustments to Royal Rumble matches.

— AFP Relaxnews