Waterproof wearable company Waterfi unveils first swim tracker

After already waterproofing products for companies such as Apple and FitBit, San Diego-based company Waterfi decided that swimmers needed a more dedicated product of their own that was both accurate yet simple. 

As a result the Swim Tracker has been designed to be worn on the back of the head and attached to goggles in order to track the whole body.

“We realised that watches are fundamentally poor swim trackers because they only track one hand and not the rest of the body. A head mounted swim tracker greatly improved the quality, and scope of data collected during a swim,” explained founder Royce Nicholas.

In addition to just strokes and lengths, Waterfi has also included data that swimmers themselves have asked for, such as breathing, rest times, calories burned, pace, stroke type, stroke distance, and distance swam.

Users just need to press Swim Tracker’s only button to both start and stop tracking data, which can then be synced to a smartphone later by using the Waterfi App.

To enhance accuracy the wearable’s tracking technology is the same as that used in VR headsets, drones and spacecraft, with the device able to remember up to 60 swims and collect data for up to 13 hours of swimming on one cycle of the rechargeable battery.

The algorithm used in the tracker can even “learn” your own swimming style as you swim, improving the tracking with each swim to provide more meaningful data. — AFP Relaxnews