What Herbalife Weight Loss Products Should You Use?

Herbalife is a global company that has been in the weight loss industry for quite some time. Given that this is an MLM Company, the products are sold through distributors in different parts of the world. The three key weight loss products made by Herbalife are Formula 1, Formula 2, and Formula 3. Below we review each of these products and highlight the features that make them stand out. We also take a look at Herbalife reviews to see what most users have to say about the Company and its products.
Formula 1

This is a meal replacement shake. The shake is designed to help you lose weight by ensuring that you take fewer calories than your body needs every day. The shake is made using soy protein among other ingredients known to increase the body’s metabolism and lower your appetite.

The Formula 1 shake is low in calories and a single pack provides 90 calories. To ensure that the calorie content remains low, you are advised to use low calorie beverages to mix your shake. Water works fine though skim milk delivers a creamy taste and a great consistency.

This shake comes in different flavors designed to suit different users’ needs. It also comes with a few artificial ingredients such as sugars designed to improve the taste of the shake and ensure that the shake actually works as promised.
Formula 2

This is the Herbalife multi-vitamin complex. As the name suggests, this supplement is packed with vitamins required for optimal health. The multi-vitamin is available in tablet form and a single tablet contains 21 essential nutrients. The supplement is designed to help with bone and skin health and also promotes the growth of healthy hair.
Formula 3

This is the company’s cell activator. This product comes with aloe vera, one of nature’s best gifts to us. The cell activator works to promote the absorption of nutrients in the body and also promotes overall body health.

How are these products used for weight loss?

You are advised to use all three of these products together for best results. The meal replacement shake ensures that you get a healthy dose of protein while ensuring that your caloric intake per day remains low. According to Herbalife reviews, it is safe to say that the meal replacement shake works. For best results, however, it is advisable to use all the three Herbalife weight loss products at the same time. You also have to incorporate healthy low-calorie foods in your diet. This way you are able to give your body most if not all the nutrients needed for optimal health.

It is important to note that the Herbalife shake is made using soy protein. While the protein was extensively used in the past, current research shows that soy protein is actually bad for you. Soy mimics estrogen and may cause hormonal imbalance and a multitude of other ailments. Anything with soy protein is, therefore, not good, especially for women.

User Reviews:

Many have used Herbalife products to get to a healthy weight. The shake is low in calories and the other products deliver many essential nutrients to the body. That said, there are also numerous complaints about the overall performance of Herbalife products.

One of the key complaints is that the shake will leave you hungry. A 90 calorie meal is not sufficient even when you are on a diet. This can be sorted out by using low-fat milk and incorporating healthy and low-calorie fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Many also feel that the cell activator and multi-vitamin complex quality does not match the price. There are also numerous complaints about the Herbalife shake taste though some actually find the shake delicious.

Herbalife reviews aside, it is important to remember that most weight loss products will only make your weight loss journey easier. You have to put in the work and make a lifestyle change if you want to get to a healthy weight and maintain it. You have to be careful though and ensure that the weight loss products you use are not only effective but also good for your health.

If you want all natural weight loss products, then Herbalife products are not for you as they come with a few artificial ingredients. Lucky for you there are shakes in the market that are effective, nutrient-packed and come with 100% natural ingredients.